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Welcome to The Preference Waitlist

Some of the Avesta Housing properties have preferences for households with certain characteristics.  In order to qualify to be on the waitlist for these preferences, the household must meet one or more of the following conditions:

(1)  The household is homeless or displaced  
(2)  The household is on a waitlist for a Section 8 voucher
(3)  The household is on a waitlist for public housing 
(4)  The head or co-head of the household is disabled

Additionally, the household must be under the following maximum income guidelines:

1 person household: $50,700,
2 person household: $57,900
3 person household: $65,160
4 person household: $72,360
5 person household: $78,180
6 person household: $83,940
7 person household: $89,760
8 person household: $95,520

If you meet one or more of these eligibility factors and are under the maximum allowed income limits, click on APPLICANT LOGIN to apply for the waitlist.